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Beppe Loda Presents MC1 - Counter
12" Vinyl
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Beppe Loda Presents MC1



Released: 30th August 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
Next up on Nang we get tooled up with our disco pick-axe to mine one of the most authentic Italo vaults, that of once-forgotten-but-now-hero-again Beppe Loda. Having begun DJing in Brescia aged 16, Loda was resident at Gambara's soon to be legendary Typhoon club from 1980 until the club closed in the same year as the Paradise Garage, a year before acid house officially began in 1987. Over the last few years, Beppe's name has walked out of the history books and back into nightclubs and record collections, as Scandinavian nu disco folks in particular started paying respect with his DJs sets and Typhoon Edits series popping up all over the European underground and beyond. Here Beppe collaborates with MC1 to turn in Counter. The original and the adeptly named Electro Monster version features here from the deft Beppe / MC1 pairing; big riffs, big synths and big drama all the way. Providing some remix action is the new mysterious act Radome (yes it's an alias but no we can't tell you who it is). His mix adds a lazy acid slow-mo groove, analog burn and more than enough oscillators for your money. Also on remix duty is a Latin combo consisting of the most Italian of producers, Bottin, and new Mexican apprentices, Avanti. Their mix brings the track bang into 2010 with the robust and sparkling, synthesizer, dancefloor version. Bruce Tatum (Time Out NYC) - Drama! The Original and the remixes are certainly dome big extravaganzas aren't they? And all the better for it. Simon Foundsounds (DJ Magazine) - It's the more gritty Radome mix here please Marcus Wagner-Lapierre (Makossa / ORF) - Great cosmic vibes from my friend Beppe. Still playing the original 12 sometimes. Grant Paterson - Midnight Express meets Sci-Fi locomotive, Quality Cosmic Disco stylings - it's track 1 for me though. Top Release! Gareth Owen (Electronic Beats) - Counter is the one.