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Various Artists - New Masters Volume 3 presents Justus Köhncke - Fussmachine
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Various Artists

New Masters Volume 3 presents Justus Köhncke - Fussmachine


Released: 27th June 2011 | 13 track nu-disco album
Germany, late 1980s….. home computers, sampling, MIDI and a whole new era of bedroom production. It was about that about that time that a young Justus Köhncke moves himself to Düsseldorf, the city of Kraftwerk. Finding himself in the Ata tak studios (home of German electronic pioneers Der plan and Pyrolator) our young hero perfects his craft and purchases his first gear… the die is cast.

Fast forward to 1992 Cologne and JKs first release fly high on the fictional NY underground label Fifth & Madison. More releases follow, theatre scores and a debut LP on JKs own iCi records labels. In 2001 JK signs to Colonge friends Kompakt, a fruitful partnership producing great releases such as Was Ist Musik and vinyl classic 2 after 909, Timecode and the album Doppelleben. Jump to present day…. and when JK is not touring you can find him enjoying his day job working on film scores (in the south of France) with composer Irmin Schmidt (from CAN).

Along the JK has remixed some amazing artists (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Space, Human League, Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Hybrid, Andreas Dorau to name but a few). Here at Nang we only thought it fitting to compile these masterworks into one handy CD. Step forward DJ Jennifer Cardini whole ably assists in creating a compelling and seamless mix expedition.

The source material is varied and wide; 70's and 80's classics & tints from Human League, Rusty Egan and Space. Cutting edge indy from Hot Chip, Moshi Moshis James Yuill. Underground house, disco and techno from Baxendale, Hiem, Arj Snoek and Chelonis R Jones. Not forgetting JKs take on some great songs by Pocket and Bozzwell. All threaded together in perfect tapestry. Yes Justus, you certainly are a master.

"a special release !"
"Great package!"
"this is brilliant. flows beautifully and not a duff trak on it."
Tom Findlay-Groove Armada
"I love Justus Köhncke! Sounds great."
Tim Sweeney - DFA