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Various Artists - Beach Disco Sessions Volume 2
CD Album
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Various Artists

Beach Disco Sessions Volume 2


Released: 22nd August 2011 | 14 track nu-disco album
Nang dives straight into the Ibiza spirit with the second volume of their infamous Beach Disco compilation, in anticipation of this years holiday season. Sun, sea sand and laid-back vibes are aplenty with this lean selection of sun kissed disco, mixed to perfection LIVE by the Slovenian masters Sare Hevlicek and Ichisan.

Included are a handful of previously un-released gems from the likes of Max Essa & Unclepasha, amongst some much loved classics and fresh releases too. We're lead in slowly with the silky French attenuation in Ame Strong's 'Tout Est Bleu' and smooth 100bpm affair that's laced with legato synths galore. Riding through the wah-wah licks of Diaphanoids' 'Mermaids of Lunaris' (A Blackjoy Disco Mix), we land softly into 'Leave Me I'm Dancin'' by Kotey Extra Band & Max Essa, which revs you into a dazed motion by it's fuzzed guitar riffs and the questioning tone of Essa's vocal.

Pace is seemingly heightened by the percussion of Max Essa's solo effort 'White Shoes Blue Dreams,' but is then returned gently to the sandy floor with Ilija Rudman's stomper, 'Gentle Fire.' It's then a quick whisk through a brace of melodious beauties from Lexx and Social Disco Club & Maia, onto the staccato lead of 'Fluffy Amadeus' by Filipsson and Ulysses.

Our jockeys then grace us with a cut of their own concoction, the fabulous 'Football Fight.' It's up-tempo and rich with their disco spirit we know and love. To follow we're served the snappy 'Lost in Space' by Peter Visti, which keeps the pace with its sci-fi blips and skyward arpeggios. Ilija Rudman returns to the fold with the Stevie Kotey remix of 'Soul Embrace,' then Unclepasha steps in, all sunshine and gliding lead-lines with a new cover of 'I Heart It Through The Grapvine.' Very special indeed.

As the mix winds out, the vibe stays strong with Jan Ken Po's anthem 'Civilised Gangbang,' rounded off for a smooth finish by the the instrumental of Sportolo's 'WIll I.' the perfect end to a beach session, and the perfect beginning to a the evening to come. 'Beach Disco' punches a lazy bronzed fist once again!

"Factor 15 please"
DJ Mag
"summer vibration !!"
"great music!"