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Various Artists - New Masters Volume 4 - Sare Havlicek
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Various Artists

New Masters Volume 4 - Sare Havlicek


Released: 1st August 2011 | 12 track nu-disco album
It's been a wild ride since back in March 2009 when the demo of Sare Havlicek's White Russian hit landed in our inbox. Since then Sare has gone onto be one of the scenes musical and DJ bright spots. His debut Toscana Nights album in 2010 was warmly received by press and public alike and a series of remixes has firmly cemented him as one of the best Nu Disco producers around.

Along the way Sare has been incredibly busy chap in the Remix department. Cue, Nang presents New Masters Volume 4, follows in the path of Bottin, Justus Köhncke & Richard Norris. This mixed compilation brings together the slick, analog-synth driven, early 80's grooves of Sare productions into one neat package.

And so to the music… Sare presents his take on 12 tracks, all remixed, edited and DJ-mixed together for CD. The album includes Sare's take on Bottin's Italo-blood fest Disco For The Devil and his homage to one of his inspirations, French Disco 70's, scensters, Space with Fasten Seat Belts. NYC based Nick Chacona gets the rolling moroder bassline treatment and Claes Rosen's Sparkles head back to 1984 with bags of Italo bass. Tesla Boy with Neon gets FM'ed up with chunky DX7 grooves (all very A-Ha) while Sare makes full use of the killer synth-riff from Acos Coolkas.

Sare is currently feverishly beavering away in his Slovenian synthesizer-museum, hard at work on his second album for Nang. Expect it to drop towards the end of the year.

"great collection of remixes, many of them are already a classic in my cd collection - Edoardo Cianfanelli aka Rodion"
Edoardo Cianfanelli
"Got to admit I didn't have Sare Havlicek on my radar before. This has definitely changed within seconds after checking out this promo. Great material!"
Aleks - DiscoDust
"I believe the term is all killer, no filler-it-s disco done right. A great collection of work from a guy who's one of my favorite producers right now."
Bruce Tatum -Time Out NYC
"This is excellent. Reviewing it on DJ Mag Italia!"
Andrea Pomini -DJ Mag It.
"Sounds as good as we'd expect from Sare! Exciting news about a new long-player too"
Russell Deeks - IDJ