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Billy Bogus - Night Movie
CD Album
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Billy Bogus

Night Movie


Released: 3rd October 2011 | 9 track nu-disco album
After his slo-mo disco debut, the 'Terror Island' 12, Pizzico Records' founding father Billy Bogus returns to Nang with an eagerly awaited full length, named 'Night Movie.'

As the name suggests, this is one for the night crawlers. 'Night Movie' is an exercise in twilight disco propulsion, rich with fuzz, funk, world sounds and sci-fi tendencies.

We kick off with 'Superficial,' a tough disco groove that despite its nod to 70's psychedelic funk still sounds contemporary as hell. 'Terror Island' also makes an appearance.

Title track 'Night Movie' carries on with the use of vocal samples, this time from a host of different sources. They weave themselves around the underlying ostinato chord sequence and sparse articulation of spaced out synths and effects. It's a welcome sense of reflection in the album, adding to the hazy mood and left-of-center attitude of the record as a whole.

'Contact' is the only true vocal track, sitting between the realms of slo-mo new jack swing and moody disco, with saxophone licks up and down the scale. 'Disco Delhi' does exactly what is says on the tin by combining Bhangra rhythms and vocal samples in a fusion of upbeat disco quirk. It's got to be heard; this one's special.

We finish with an Ichisan remix of 'Superficial,' which makes full use of the snappy funk bass of the original giving it a sharp edge and slick production. In the digital version of the release you're given 'Hotel Morroco' which is all cow-bells, vocal wisps and lounge vibes. Nice!

"Top release. Possibly the best on Nang ever??"
Pharao Black Magic
"A Billy Bogus album??? GREAT MY FRIEND"
Simone Fedi
"Nice stuff from Mr. Bogus, once again."
Hed Kandi
"Excellent! Review to follow"
De:Bug Magazine