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Andy Meecham - Monophonic Volume 1
Vinyl LP
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Andy Meecham

Monophonic Volume 1


Released: 28th November 2011 | 9 track house album
Next up on Nang, we have the long awaited full-length from nu-disco hero and synth aficionado, Andy Meecham. The release sees Meecham step away from his revered Emperor Machine monkier to create something conceptual and truly visceral, yet still retaining those signature grooves and rich tones we all know and love.

The aptly titled 'Monophonic Volume 1' is a synth purists dream. Each track has been crafted on a single classic synthesizer (and named after it!), giving each piece it's own identity and sense of time and place, referencing landmark moments in the history of music technology from the East and West.

The sounds that Meecham manages to dial in on these magnificent beasts are nothing short of magnificent. Side A utilizes synths from Britain and America exclusively. Tracks like 'Yamaha CS 15' ooze with raw, primal electronics. 'Moog Lil Phatty' delivers a burgeoning groove under hyper colour analogue leads and 'Moog Prodigy' is saw-wave dexterity Par Excellence!

On the flip we head to East for a bit of Japanese precision. Roland SH101' flexes early 80's acid subtitles and 'Korg MS10' deploys a slo-mo stomp foundation, supporting elastic synth lines left right and centre.

These are but a few tasters from this accomplished record. Andy Meecham fires on all analogue cylinders once again. Nang, out!

"I don’t even need to listen to know I’m going to love this. Love E. Machine and I love analogue synths."
Erol Alkan
"A true analogue journey."
Groove Armada
"Nice and nerdy. Perfect."
Todd Terje
"Absolutely amazing!"
2 Many DJ’s
"Love everything this man does!"
DFA Records