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Drrtyhaze - Love Loud
CD Album
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Love Loud


Released: 16th April 2012 | 11 track nu-disco album
Following their stunning single 'Giving You All of My Love' on Nang last year, Drrtyhaze bring their first LP to the table, titled 'Love Loud.'

Only in the melting pot that is NYC, can a duo with such diverse musical backgrounds come together and create an upbeat blend of funky and electric disco mixed with elements of latin soul. The duo that comprises Drrtyhaze are a perfect mismatch in so many ways.

Growing up, Matthew DJ Drilla Moffre grabbed the guitar at the early age of 13; his favorite past times were moshing to hardcore and punk music and skateboarding. His counterpart, Douglas Drrty Gomez rocked fat laced pumas, Lee jeans and beat bopped to the sounds of Run DMC. Both of these cats grew up in different was these differences that eventually brought them together.

The record kicks off with 'Nueva York' a pulsing, saw wave laden beast, leading us down nice and low into 'Superhigh,' a slung back groove peppered with brass, funk guitar & bass and a damn sexy vocal from Nini Zeitlin.

'Drrtyhaze Groove' is all Latin-fused disco patterns and synth accents; watch out for the drop, it's huge! Keeping the pace, 'The Jump' introduces some signature synth riffs from the off, building into a progressive disco groove with washes of reverb guitar and a pounding kick drum.

Next up we've got the single 'Giving You All Of My Love' featuring Bradley White-Dale on vocals. It's pure polyrhythmic dancefloor energy, complete with Sax lines, vibes phrases and evolving synth melodies. 'Bedford Avenue' takes things in upward direction with its airy arrangement and contemplative introduction, before slinking down with that bassline sting.

'Heatwave' is next, with a colour palette straight outta the 80's and akai-stretched percussion. super cool. 'Take Me, Give Me' brings vocal edits to the fore amidst a blur of zapping synths and strong shaker patterns. To follow, 'Restart' winds down the tempo in vein of more classic songwriting, opening up for some big pads and the breathy vocal of Brian Time floating over bold arpeggios.

'Freedom March' riles the latin house spirit with its fabulously moody percussion and ominous synth bass licks, building with synth brass and whistles galore. To close, 'Lazer Sex' has Drrtyhaze firing on all cylinders; tremolo pads, driving disco beats, power-up transitions and undeniable natural groove.