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Proper Heat - Chapter One
CD Album

Proper Heat

Chapter One


Released: 2nd July 2012 | 12 track nu-disco album

Proper Heat is an exquisite alliance of three musicians deeply mad about jazz, house, disco and electronics. After a long wait, their lovingly crafted debut LP arrives on Nang this summer, and it's called 'Chapter One.'

After three extremely well received EPs on Nang we are pleased to present this stunning debut. Karolis Ramoška is the exceptional voice of the trio. Vitalijus Rodevich plays saxophone and Martin Virgin is the disco head. He is the musical and organizational backbone which has seen them onwards and outwards from their Lithuanian base to the wider (and greatly appreciative) world.

As ever Laid-back, accessible disco house is the order of the day and this album is filled to the brim. If its cool bar-grooves with slick vocals and groovy songs then tracks such as recent single Just A Little Bit, Higher and The Move will definitely float your boat. For those dancefloor moments there is a brace of finely produced down-tempo disco house in the form of tracks like I Can, Smooth Choice, Lucky I Am and the Sax-tastic Take Control.

This album keeps things melodic and accessible but also mixes in some finely crated songs, take the forlorn No You In Tomorrow , the soaring chorus of In Your Eyes or the Balearic grooves of This World. Overall an exquisite listening experience and an album we are really glad to be putting out at Nang. Ah one more thing...; Did we mention the gold suits? Martin Fry eat your heart out.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

"'Amazingly cool album. Been playing..'"
Juska Wendland, YleX / Finnish National R
"'I'll present the album in my show next week! Thanks'"
Paola Testa, Ibiza Sonica
"'I love this record...'"
Christian Zingales, Blow Up Magazine