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Brioski - Hype Nothing
CD Album
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Hype Nothing


Released: 6th August 2012 | 11 track nu-disco album

Brioski steps up to the plate for the third time on Nang this year, only on this occasion he brings his debut LP titled 'Hype Nothing' and we can't wait to get it out there! It's an accomplished, quirky outing through the realms of Italo, Disco and beyond, with deep percussive roots and a penchant for analogue gear.

Brioski started his DJ career playing hip hop, funk, soul, disco, chicago house & techno, but now his sound veers towards the psychedelic. All of these sounds can be heard through the music he produces; a combination of old school reminiscences and vintage machines. Here's the list: Roland System 100 Model 101, Korg Ms10, Arp Odyssey, Bass Guitar, Korg R3, Roland TR626, Roland Space Echo RE201, Moogerfooger MF103.

The album kicks off with 'Daily Invasion,' a bubbling synth driven ode to all things analogue, a purists wet dream. 'Maelstrom' is equally as endowed, with a rapturous bass and kick pattern underneath fluttering arps, pads and snappy snares. 'Last Day Here,' the second single off the album starts with a solid, funky rhythm section, laying foundation for a super-slick chord progression and a silky vocal that we're all in love with here at Nang Towers. 'Scandal Echo' is up next with it's huge shoulder-pad angles and strutting sensibilities. Pure 80's vibes!

The first single 'Radio Anatomy' is up next. For those who don't remember, this is the one with the massive saw-chord drop and it's catch as hell. 'Bang Clap' follows. This one's a slow burner, with progressive bass sequences, clack-clack cowbells and teetering synth horns aplenty. 'Panic' featuring Andrea Noce is a strong one indeed. Soaring vocals and synths create perfect Italo Pop synergy right before your very ears. It's a fantastically enigmatic song that you'll (we) want to hear again and again. 'Palm Springs' pulls on the reigns a bit to bring the vibe down a smokey notch or two. Plenty of tension and switch-ups in this one to satisfy even the most frenzied of twilight adventurers.

'In My Flat' starts with singer Andrea Noce toying over some chicken-grease guitar licks and punchy bass. Reminiscent of early CSS, this quirky little number tells the story of a home-alone fantasy. 'Front Angle' comes in like a pounding VIP mix of Radio Anatomy, only sharper, like this ones made of Limoncello and not smooth Italian coffee. Lips are pursed for this one.

Finally the album closes with 'Morning Wake Up,' a strange name for an album finisher indeed, but it seals the deal in fine style. Modulated synth warbling's and pungent bass lines flicker through the heavy atmosphere.

"'Really digging Maelstrom. Some cool stuff on the album. Good work...'"
Red Rack'em, Hot Coins
"'Fantastic! Radio Anatomy hasn't been out of my bag since it came out, and the rest of the album is absolutely up to the same standard. Really digging the sunny vibes of Last Day Here, and the weird poppy (?!) feel of In My Flat. All my thumbs up for this one!'"
Blackbelt Anderson, Solar Disco / Full Pupp
"'Scandal Echo is the best in the bunch. Great debut album'"
Bottin, Bearfunk / Nang
"'Love Maelstrom!'"
Mousse T
"Scandal Echo is 'Disco Tune Of the Month' in Sept Mixmag!"
Digby, Mixmag
"Review in DJ Mag Italia August issue..."
Andrea Pomini, DJ Mag Italia