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Sare Havlicek - The Diamondback EP
12" Vinyl
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Sare Havlicek

The Diamondback EP


Released: 19th November 2012 | 6 track nu-disco ep

Sare Havlicek is back on Nang following the release of his second full-length album 'Escape Machine' back in June. This time it's a lean selection of variations and edits of the his track 'Diamondback', a 2-part nu-disco opus laden with real strings and serious groove. Parts 1 & 2 we're included on 'Escape Machine'; this EP sets out to expand on these ideas and unravel the mystery of parts 3, 4 & 5.

To those familiar with the album, parts 1 and 2 (now together as one single track) won't be a surprise. To those who haven't, Sare's slinky nu-disco arrangements and strings are bound to take breaths away. Part 3 is a bit more DJ friendly with picked guitar and kick drums beating out the intro before some punctuating string motifs kick in and the guitars take the reins.

Part 4 hints at soulful disco-inflected house music with its piano chops and stomping bass line. Part 5 switched up the vibe with some classic walking bass, some propulsive percussion and a down-tuned vocal that rides the central groove. the string phrases are never far away either!

The package rounds off with 'Pure Sin' ft. Lara Love. The tempo is brought down a few beats for this vocal led number. The brassy synths keys are driving forces here, helped along with some neat little production tricks.

"Loving all this disco glory! Can't wait to play these gems out somewhere.…"
Bruce Tatum, Timeout NYC
"Excellent production...great strings!"
Nick Luscombe, Big Chill / NME Radio / F
"Really Lovely strings and well arranged brings back memories of Rose Royce couls fit this in a swt for sure ,nice to hear some musical ideas for once instead of loops exellent ."
Bozzwell, All Seeing I / Firm Recor
"Love the strings, vocal part six sounds pretty good too."
Job De Wit,
"My favourite from the album. That Pete Whitfield string arrangement is sublime."
Leftside Wobble
"Absolutely F$%kin great"
Bonar Bradberry, 2020 Vision Recordings