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Hiem - Escape From Division Street
CD Album


Escape From Division Street


Released: 18th March 2013 | 12 track nu-disco album

Hiem, who created the stunning '2.A.M' single with the Human League's Phil Oakey earlier this year on Nang, return with an LP of gigantic proportions.

10 years together, Nick Nico Eastwood and David Bozz Boswell formed Hiem from the ashes of Sheffield collectives The All Seeing I and Venini, with The All Seeing I bothering the charts with The Beat Goes On & Walk Like a Panther. Wearing their influences firmly on their sleeve (Sparks, Van Der Graff Generator, Daft Punk,Roxy Music), they have produced an album that's, as The Guardian put it, 'a rum mix of lissom disco, acid northern observation a la John Cooper Clarke, brutal Sheff-tronics and glittering crystalline electro'.

With a back catalogue of underground international hits under their belt for illustrious labels including Eskimo Recordings and Crosstown Rebels, as well as front man Bozzwell's critically lauded solo album Bits & Pieces scooping an award nomination for German Music Critic's Record of the year, these guys know a trick or two.Escape From Division Street sees Hiem delivering a fresh, uncompromising and intelligent slant on electro-pop

"How much talent do you really need to make a tune on a drum machine...?"
Ewan Pearson
"Amazing release, all the tracks are amazing, 2 AM, Dj Culture, 2BReal, Pressure......"
German MT, Como Las Grecas Blog
"Freaky Nights and Dj Culture are big favourites"
"warm analogue feelings. always a plus."
Richard Norris, Time & Space Machine