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Sare Havlicek - Insinuations and Allusions
12" Vinyl
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Sare Havlicek

Insinuations and Allusions


Released: 13th May 2013 | 5 track nu-disco ep

It's always a pleasure when Sare Havlicek brings something to Nang HQ and obviously, this single is no exception! 12 inches of disco groove served up and ready for the masses. This time Sare has not come alone though, 'Insinuations and Allusions' has been called upon for some serious remixes, featuring the likes of Inigo & Dan Solo; Copycat & Martin Brodin; Tiger Cubes and Sasha Kojevin, you can bet on a seriously heavy release.

The original mix roles straight out from the needle with subdued nu-disco tones that gradually benefit from the enhancements of the funky guitar stabs. The mix has a steady groove that is a subtle back tone for those sunny summer afternoon parties.

Inigo & Dan Solo ehance on the funk aspect of the mix, getting those guitars to the front of the mix and encouraging your body to get those early dance floor moves flowing.

Copycat & Brodin go for more of a meaty, dance vibe. Ramping up the beats and knocking back the disco edge they create a slightly more cosmic, progressive composition that has 'Ibiza Beach Party' written all over it.

One of our more recent signings at Nang - Tiger Cubes have come at the remix with a cracking cyber style to the mix, playing on the vocals but giving the mix a wonderfully subtle relaxed twist.

Sasha Kojevin has delivered a captavating remix that boasts light-hearted melodic groove from start to finish, a brilliant cap to this awesome single.

Pathaan, IDJ / Globetronica
"This is awesome!"
Night Drive Miami Blog
"Groovy disco affair, copycat's remix starts very cosmic, it surpised me. Original is my favourite, and I like tiger c's version too."