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Hiem & Roots Manuva - DJ Culture
12" Vinyl

Hiem & Roots Manuva

DJ Culture


Released: 11th February 2013 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Hiem, who created the stunning '2.A.M' single with the Human League's Phil Oakey earlier this year on Nang, returns with another collaboration of equal measure, this time with the UK's one and only Roots Manuva.

Hiem, aka Nick Nico Eastwood and David Bozz Boswell come from Sheffield's rich musical heritage. Bozz once fronted the 'chart bothering' outfit called All Seeing I back in the the 90's, a supergroup of sorts that included Jarvis Cocker and Babybird to name a few. The Guardian recently called Hiem 'A rum mix of lissom disco, acid northern observation a la John Cooper Clarke, brutal Sheff-tronics and glittering crystalline electro'.

Roots Manuva brings his South London swagger to Hiem's eccentric backing track, melding minds and hemisphere's to create the infectious 'DJ Culture.' In typical fashion, we've reigned in the talents of our London friends James Bright and Pete Herbert, plus Berlin's Derk Leyers. They go to town with their deep disco and house stylings for maximum dancefloor presence. A wonderfully varied and enigmatic 12 we think!

"It's all about the original mix for me. Productions dope and the lyrics are very telling to say the least. Big up Hiem and Rodney."
Ashley Beedle, Strut / Disco Deviance
"DJ Maxximus And Dirk Leyers Remix is A FUKKING MAZING!!"
Jon Kennedy, Bristol Radio
"Naughty Maxximus mix - props to Pete Herbert too..."
Simon Foundsounds, DJ Magazine
"Pete Herbert's mix is the one for me - excellent."
Richard Norris, The Time & Space Machine / the Grid
"Ooowh very tasty!! liking most of these.."
Steve Parry, Juice FM
"My Man Bozzwell! Can't WAIT!!!"
Justus Köhncke, Kompakt / Nang