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Lasertom - Drift
Vinyl LP
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Released: 18th November 2013 | 9 track nu-disco album

Back in 2011 Dublin's Lasertom released a staggering 12 on Bearfunk Records as Lasertom and the Blast Crew. Fast forward to 2013 and we nabbed the Irish muso for a highly anticipated release with us here at Nang. Now, a few months on, he's back with an album groove-laden proportions titled 'Drift'. Lasertom makes laid-back, slo-mo disco with real instruments (bass, guitar, brass) in a style which just oozes quality.

The album kicks off with the title track, a mystifying groover with slinky drums, a bold piano riff and teasing electronics and guitars. A real restrained masterpiece. 'Innerspaceman' is an exercise in Cosmic downtempo brilliance, complete with ethereal vocal harmonies and mad synth runs.

'All The Time' comes in all cosmic motorik. Its machine rhythms and spaced out vocal details float amongst the synth detritus. 'Surprise' is more of a contemplative affair, melodic affair. 'Maelstrom' comes in slow but soon a pacey arp coming in to prelude a stomping, weirdo-disco synth track. Great stuff.

'No Play' has a real swing to it, hinting on the New Jack era, albeit slower and more fantastical with swathes of vocals and pads. 'Note To Self' is a beat-less self-referential piece, rich with smooth pad tones and fluttering effects. It's a wonderful interlude before last single 'Call' kick's off with soaring synth tones that meld into a dusty, clap-heavy disco beat before a neon bass line enter's the fray and flips the track up on it's head.

To finish we have 'Norwegian Pine', a hyper-slo-mo, hyper-melodic, slovenly disco beat. A real treat.

"Simon Cullen (of Ships), recording under the moniker Lasertom, is something of a retro-futurist. There is a distinct ’80s vibe to his music, almost like Giorgio Moroder in his prime. But Cullen is no simple vintage enthusiast. A track like “Drift” lives on a type of funkiness, while “Innerspaceman” is psychedelic by comparison, reaching ecstatic melodic heights in the process. Yet both tracks can make you move, whether at home or on the dancefloor. Look for his debut album’s digital release on September 2nd on Nang Records."
"Interesting release!"
"High quality album, amazing tracks!"
Como Las Grecas Blog
"Superb work of LASTERTOM! Full Support. Thanks!"
Toomy Disco
"I see big potential in this album!"
"Makes me sway! My fave tracks are All the time, No play, Call"
Disco Doubles