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Various Artists - Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5 (Mixed by Situation)
CD Album

Various Artists

Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5 (Mixed by Situation)


Released: 21st July 2014 | 15 track nu-disco album

This summer Nang release their yearly compilation 'Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5' mixed by the bright eyed Situation, featuring exclusive and classic tunes from the label and its friends.

Nang just turned 5 and on the 30th of June drops its fifth Beach Disco Session compilation, mixed this time by former label's artists Situation. The UK-based artists have carefully chosen 15 records from the present and the past, going through the catalogues of relevant labels such as Nang, No Static, Bearfunk, Hooj and also from their Situationism imprint, and finally put them together for this captivating summery mix. The compilation features music from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Chris Coco, Greg Wilson, Justin Martin, Prins Thomas, Max Hessa, Hiem and moves toward an heterogeneous range of genres, focusing on creating for the listener an unforgivable sunny atmosphere.

For Nang's collector and compilation lovers Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5 is due for release on the 30th of June, on digital and physical format, and is surely one to have.