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Pete Herbert & Martin Denev - Pass Me By (feat. Robert Owens)
12" Vinyl

Pete Herbert & Martin Denev

Pass Me By (feat. Robert Owens)


Released: 14th April 2017 | 4 track house single

Our triumvirate of heroes on Nangs big summer tune are UK Producer and DJ Pete Herbert, Bali based musician partner Martin Denev and legendary US House vocalist Robert Owens. They steer their sonic empire to peak-hour, prime time house territory with the epic Pass Me By.

The original track is all about big beats and big soulful Robert Vocals. As ever, he does not disappoint. To help on their quest we have lined up some heavyweight remixes.

Next up we take a spin to Italy where Cosmo-Italo-Balearic-DJs DJ Danielle Baldelli teams up with DJ Rocca for their peak time Vocal remix. Their remix blends in their trademark cosmic riffs with some deeper Italian house grooves, whilst treating the vocal with the full respect it deserves. If it is pulsing, elastic energy you are looking for, then this is the one for you.

We then take a trip down under for Dr Packer's remix. The Australian has made quite a name for himself in the past year with a series of well received and best-selling edits. Here, we asked nicely to turn his talents to the remix department and we are really pleased with the peak-time floor filling results.

Pete and Martin also turn in their Remix version which brings in some Balearic overtones, some cool thumb piano whilst keeping the grooves large.

A Version of Pass Me By appears on the (long over due) album from Pete Herbert and co, Made In The Shade. Out soon on Nang.