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Space - Magic Fly (Remixes)
12" Vinyl


Magic Fly (Remixes)


Released: 20th April 2018 | 4 track nu-disco single

Magic Fly gets 4 huge remixes from The Orb, Greg Wilson & Peza, Richard Norris, and Sare Havlicek.

We've compiled a selection of remixes for Space's massive hit Magic Fly which originally came out in 1977 on an album of the same name. The track went to number two in the UK singles chart and since then the band have become one of the most notable artists of the short-lived space disco music scene, returning with onstage remake performances since 1992.

The Orb's remix is first on the package, bringing their signature ambient sound to the track with a dreamy soundscape at its core as the original elements of the track drift in and out.

The Greg Wilson and Peza version follows, beefing up the percussion and adding an extra layer of cosmic melodies before label mate Richard Norris takes the spacey groove and oscillates it even further, bringing an eighties tinge to the seventies classic.

Sare Havlicek then extends the track into something longer and more DJ friendly, drawing out elements of the original across eight minutes to create a chugging dropped-tempo workout.