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Various Artists - Nang Presents The Array Vol 9
CD Album

Various Artists

Nang Presents The Array Vol 9


Released: 1st June 2018 | 13 track nu-disco album

Springtime is with us again, which means Array time. Welcome to the ninth installment of our yearly compilation; the top tracks from the past year, some special new finds and our upcoming bangers.

Two of our favorite acts (and people) join together for the opening salvo. Pete Herbert doing some serious dancefloor destruction on Hiem's Highlife. A gem from their recent album. We take a trip down Prince Lane next with the 1985 Paisley Park inspired Shield Of Love from Russian genre spanner Unclepasha, North London Soul producer OD Hunte and label head Loudery combining with Sare on the remix. Raykos new protegee Tania Haroshika is next with their summery laid-back, disco smoocher.

Slovenian Sare Havlicek is next with the lead single from his recent Soft Machine album. Here we go with an exclusive slo-mo synth disco groover from Kim and Buran. Hot Hot Hawk probably have the coolest disco name around. Their 80s power pop music also scales those heights with their 1986 TV Themed Mystery Girl. A sneaky exclusive next from Ed Lee who serves up the new-jack-disco-swing Roister. Talking of exclusives next up is a underground slow-acid burner of a track from Italy's DJ Rocca, My Cuff.

Bristol, UK based Situation and their big swinging dancefloor filler Stay With Me. Here with an exclusive mix from Phunktastike. If solid chunky bass slamming beats is your thing then Sergey Silvertones Don't Let The Music Die will surely float your boat. Fellow Russian Folano makes another welcome appearance next with his bouncey and stabby power track Temptation.

Domestic Technology team up with Patchy for our next offering. Interstellar is a soul-tinged groovoid vocal track. Waving Green from our sister label No Static keeps things fresh. We end on a high with Liverpool singer Thomas Lang veering from his jazz and songwriter roots into some good time house remix territory. A forthcoming gem on Nang.

Have a great summer and see you next year for our 10th year anniversary edition... boy is it really gone that soon?