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Lily - Nightlife in Tokyo


Nightlife in Tokyo

No Corner

Released: 11th November 2016 | 9 track techno album

Glowing with the same unsettling hum as the neon signage on the cover, Nightlife In Tokyo is a series of flickering scenes that burn with increasing intensity - Nine Sketches of darkside cyberspace, tortured machine soul burned into chrome.

It's a cross continental deciphering of fizzing electronics, fragmented speech, claustrophobic atmospheres and sodium vapour-drenched chords.

Furiously penned, half-remembered notes from the streets of Tokyo are re-imagined through a tangled nest of cables and crackling faders in any number of offline locations - this is wet pavements reflecting street signage and dank doorways offering after hours thrills for the adventurous.

Lily returns for the sequel. Plug into Nightlife In Tokyo…