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YLTCU - Controlled Folly


Controlled Folly

No Corner

Released: 19th May 2017 | 14 track leftfield/idm album

'You Let Them Catch Up' leading the way / fresh on the scene for NoCorner with a mind-bending 26min flash of off-grid rhythm and ambience, straight from the vaults of his hard drive. NoCorner got word about this London-based artists via label artist Sam Kidel / El Kid sometime last year, and not long after a few zips were exchanged, rammed with high grade material. Skidding between Hi-NRG ambience (as mr Bokeh Versions titled it) and YLTCU's unique twist of Footwork, Jungle and current waves of UK dance music, these were no lightweight demos or works in progress, these were all fully fledged and matured sonics from an insanely talented producer, who had obviously been improving his craft for some time now.

Controlled Folly will take you through glitched out rhythms, hacked up synthesis and off-kilter ambience on cruise control...; Remaining experimental and playful at the core of it all, YLTCU still somehow manages to keep that gunfinger raised from start to finish...;