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Asda - The Abyss


The Abyss

No Corner

Released: 20th May 2016 | 6 track experimental ep

Following their impressive 'three tracks' 10 on fellow Bristol-label 'FuckPunk', which launched Vessel & chester giles 'asda' project early 2015, we are very excited to present their first full-length 12 release, featuring six of the most vigorous recordings from the two Young Echo members.

New age punk, broken electronics, modern poetry, noise music, crushed dancehall -

call it whatever you like. but whatever you do – when you are faced with the abyss make sure you listen carefully and take it for all it represents.
No streamline bollocks or trend-latching. This is unedited, unadulterated music made by two individuals, with no aims to please or adhere, no intention to hide.

Maybe it's a joyful noise, but it could also be described as an anguished cry, a venting of despair. The abyss could be akin to the last fumes of a burning fire, not willing to give up, aware of the fact that most of it's reach is already in ashes, it's surroundings are simply 'too plastic' to burn, too washed out to feel the pain.

To hell with it though, let's feed the fire once more, until we finally accept our last breath and become at one with the wretched, wet-wiped reality of everyday life.

When trying to find out more about the abyss, we were made aware of a quote by this guy called 'Clellon Holmes' who wrote an article about the beat generation and said: 'the valueless abyss of modern life is unbearable'.

Perhaps this signalled the title? Or perhaps chester's words sum it up best:
'the abyss is the unending banality of life and the emptiness of continuing to exist for no reason through mindless crushing pain and futility. i think maybe its about feeling vulnerable and fragile in a very raw way, like peeling off our skins and just standing there sore and bloody waiting for it to end'.

The abyss is highly expressive, a pent-up discourse about life in the city, consumerist culture and the drive to create, wanting to believe in heaven but knowing it does not exist.
If escapism is a subject matter then sexual frustration must also be a theme here, after all, there is no better way to ease the pain than finding that all consuming pleasure of your body grinding in tune with the next, like the vibration of sound and frequency, momentarily reconfiguring our molecules.