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ASDA - The McDonald's Prayer


The McDonald's Prayer

No Corner

Released: 25th August 2017 | 3 track post-punk single

Another headturning combo to emerge from Bristol's Young Echo collective - Vessel and Chester Giles join forces once again for their fourth release and second for the NoCorner label after their fantastic album, The Abyss that's seen them tour across Europe and shown audiences an even more unhinged side to their modus operandi than what you can hear on the recordings.

The meat-obsession of The Abyss' art cover continues here with The McDonald's Prayer, a brief, down-to-earth litany that flips the narrative of forgiveness and redemption on its head. Chester's defeated pleas are drowned by brief flashes of noise and the accompaniment of hollowed-out, bastardized church bells which herald the end of the track in an instant.

Japan Blues and Ossia both take turns extending and re-contextualising the original, the former establishing an initial half-time swagger to modify those lonely church bells into a number you can move to, letting the track evolve into an all out gospel coda, replete with uplifiting organ chords. Ossia does what he does best on his Milkshake Mix, allowing aqueous delays and an almost suffocating sense of space to murkily drive the original's dread-fuelled narrative to an even more forlorn conclusion.