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Spiritflesh - Menace



No Corner

Released: 6th July 2018 | 4 track techno ep

The brainchild of Julian 'Dj October' Raymond-Smith and Boris 'Borai' English, their latest project is the culmination of many years of production experience, countless hours of music consumption and collective knowledge. It's a connoisseurs' stream of consciousness from two original heads who's listening habits encompass, with great insight, anything from early Industrial, Krautrock, African music, Doom Metal, Punk, Avant-garde, Drone, Hardcore & Jungle, through to O.G. House, Disco, Techno, Electro, and much more.

The outcome is an all-consuming, deeply rich sound; one that can be wholly attributed to this careful treatment and dedication to craft. Skeletal rhythms, guttural bass, percussive syncopations, hissing and snarling synthetic interplay dances with with otherworldly ambience, whilst the drum sound marches like an external heartbeat, sometimes in the distance, over the hills, sometimes from deep down below.

In addition, a deft use of film, documentary and field recording has an integral role to play in the Spiritflesh canon. Vocals seep in and out of the audible spectrum, often staying obscured beyond recognition, remaining as subliminal content that adds to the hallucinatory effect of the music, but their meaning is relevant nonetheless

The nature of the elements from which the human body is generated and of the materials from which it is constituted is such that man cannot be immortal.


We count ourselves lucky that, on more than one occasion, we've had the thrill of uncovering some of Bristol's most necessary music in recent years… Having unveiled very first Killing Sound material, O$VMV$M, Jabu's first vinyl releases, chester giles and ASDA's first LP, as well as debut material from Lily & Filter Dread, we consider it a proud achievement on our behalf and thank the artists for trusting us with such great music in the first place.

For us, the Spiritflesh project is another such encounter, there's all the joy that surrounds the mystery of the previously unheard, and the anticipation of presenting it to a wider audience.

This limited edition 12 will serve as a versatile compass for their work, preceding their eponymous full-length LP scheduled for late '18.