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VMO$ & Boofy - NC7004

VMO$ & Boofy


No Corner

Released: 6th January 2017 | 4 track ambient ep

NoCorner come forward with the fourth release in their 7 series, presenting four short, but oh-so-sweet cuts from VMO$ (aka half of O$VMV$M, half of Jabu, aka Amos Childs) and Boofy, the fellow badbwoy Bristolian, Bandulu-affiliate and Guiness lover.

What we have here, are supreme late-night, slo-mo vibrations of the highest order, as you'd come to expect from the man behind much of the Jabu, O$VMV$M and Killing Sound material in combination with Boofy, who seems to add just right amount of
extra tinges of dank, skewed RnB & other syruppy goodness, that mix&blend better than your nan's secret Rum Punch.
Wicked combination – VMO$ & Boofy killin' them in cool & deadly style.

Support from Kahn & Neek (as heard on their FabricLive mix) as well as Mary Anne Hobbs and Batu.