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Shark Attack

New Beginning

Nine Cinema Productions

Released: 5th February 2016 | 1 track new age acoustic single

Shark Attack is a young multi-genre producer from South Korea. Although he first started out producing Dubstep, now he makes all kinds of music including Newage, Deep House, Chill, and Trap. His music is not only well balanced, but also very unique and undistinguishable in color. Excellent sense of music along with perfectionism is what makes him one of the most skilled and well known producers in Nine Cinema Productions. His unpredicted choice of instruments and creatively designed synth sounds are always praised by the listeners.

NEW BEGINNING is Shark Attack's first official Newage Acoustic single album and a milestone of his fresh start of a new genre. Throughout the song, the soft main piano melody is backed up by energetic and rhythmical drums. It is surely a masterpiece and a lively song that everyone can enjoy. It was composed to give strength and hope to those who have lost will and are only inches away from giving up their dreams.