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Eugene Harrington - The Life Of Eugene Harrington
CD Album
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Eugene Harrington

The Life Of Eugene Harrington


Released: 31st January 2011 | 10 track funk album
RE-PRESENTED: CD NOW IN STOCK, LP BACK IN STOCK The Life Of Eugene Harrington is an incredible music journey through the living daylights of Eugene Harrington. It will take you to the enigmatic world full of psychedelic vibes and surround you by mystique. Just turn off the light, sit comfortably and listen to the sound coming from your speakers. This world will amaze you. Eugene Harrington comes from Hawthorne California where his father owned a keyboard repair shop. At a young age Eugene would deliver parts and do repairs for studios in and around the area. Eugene loved going to the studios and watching the musicians and engineers work on there projects. He became very familiar with electric keyboards and started experimenting with sounds and recording techniqes. He soon moved into the back of his fathers shop and recorded the album the Life of Eugene Harrington. It is a collection of recordings influenced by physidelic breaks and grooves. Hand-numbered limited edition CD (500) and as LP (1000). NOECHO Records is London based independent record label with a DIY ethic. For fans of Shawn Lee, DJ Shadow, Natural Yoghurt Band etc