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Naked Nuras Loves Rave - Project AOA

Naked Nuras Loves Rave

Project AOA

NLS Records

Released: 2nd March 2018 | 3 track ambient techno single

AOA - Ambient Order Audacity

In the photos the focus of the angles and structure layout of the vertical structure of tower are situ to become the compiling information of the photographic process. We can no longer have the same large macro view of these static images with a movement in the music and visual programming of the project's functional identity.

And from learning more about the waveFORM with in a city's ambient structure, for most intensive environment of how sound will not only make the landscape of reinterpretation realistic; that harmony can be an effects in visual that synchronising the harmonics via street to higher levels of visualisation that become the upper or the lower frequency of experimental music from battle zone.