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Dj Missdevana - Brass

Dj Missdevana


Nervous Horizon

Released: 17th March 2017 | 3 track uk funky ep

Nervous Horizon closed out 2016 with two robust, power-drum EPs from label head TSVI

and Houndstooth's Second Storey, but have looked beyond London's reaches for their first

outing of 2017. DJ Missdevana, a previous unknown producer and DJ from Holland, joins

the camp for her debut EP, 'Brass' — a three-tracker that fuses the polyrhythms of classic

UK funky and Dutch underground club strain, Bubbling.

A nod to the label's willingness to explore new ways of pushing the boundaries of the club,

DJ Missdevana's work on 'Brass' marks her out as a fascinating new producer, but also

feels fully in keeping with Nervous Horizon's DNA. Key reference point, Bubbling — a

niche, funky-meets- house strain of club music with a heavy focus on drums — is currently

enjoying an renaissance in Holland, sharing rhythmic similarities with flourishing

underground genres like Gqom, but this is an EP built to blur the lines.

Opener 'Brass' comes alive with crisp Bubbling patterns and classic UK funky drum-work

and percussive samples, while second track 'Chakra' lands as an off-the- wall, percussive

twist on dancehall. Final track, 'Third Eye' sees DJ Missdevana take a harsher, de-

constructed route through her music, chopping up beats with sporadic urgency, pitched-up

vocal samples and blaring FX.

Although Missdevana represents a new face in a now burgeoning scene, 'Brass' is the

latest in a long line of Nervous Horizon EPs to not only challenge existing club structures,

but earmark the label as a key hub for unearthing coveted new talent.