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Spooky - Spartan



No Hats No Hoods

Released: 27th December 2010 | 4 track dubstep ep
When BBC 1xtra's Mistajam was tasked with battling Zane Lowe live on BBC Radio 1 earlier this month he knew he had to pull out all the stops and bring out the big guns. Naturally he turned to Spooky's 'Spartan' and soon laid Zane, and the rest of the Radio 1 prime time listeners to waste. 'Chest Rattling', 'Epic' were just a few of the words uttered by the shocked New Zealander as he immediately knew that the clash was already a lost cause one track in. 'Epic' and 'Chest Rattling' almost don't do the track justice - the track is an immediate reload in any club and has already been selected as weapon of choice by Logan Sama, Terror Danjah, Butterz and many more. Not since 'Forward Riddim' (vocalled as 'Pow' by Lethal B) has there been an instrumental that has so universally prompted gun fingers and screw faces across the UK, and No Hats No Hoods is proud to unleash it upon the wider world. Having cut his teeth as the DJ for Tempa T's legendary grime crew Slew Dem Spooky's always known what its taken to get the crowd hype. His previous 1xtra garage chart topper 'Joyride' is testament to this, as is his fast and furious dj sets. 'Spartan' take all the energy so characteristic in grime, and turns it up a notch with hard hitting drums and a rallying cry thats fast becoming a grime catchphrase. On remix duty Martelo takes thing in funky territory, keeping the hype of the original but adding in pounding, tribal drums - and Spooky shows off his unique still again on his top 3 selected remix. Sales Notes - - Debut NHNH release from Spooky - Played by Mistajam (BBC Radio 1) / Logan Sama (Kiss) / Terror Danjah (Hyperdub) / Butterz (Rinse) - Played by Mistajam on BBC Radio 1 when he battled Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 primtime show Tracklistings A1: Spartan B1: Spartan (Martelo) B2: Top 3 Selected Remix