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Mumdance - Tarahtid EP


Tarahtid EP

No Hats No Hoods

Released: 29th November 2010 | 4 track dubstep ep
It takes a certain type of producer confident enough to jump from the Global sounds of Mad Decent to the stripped back, raw sounds of underground UK Grime - but Jack Adam's aka Mumdance is just that producer. With the dust still settling from his outstanding debut solo EP on Diplo's Mad Decent, Mumdance brings things back to the UK with his debut release on the UK's leading grime label No Hats No Hoods. The 'Tarahtid EP' showcase's Mumdance's diversity and confidence as an artist, fusing his own signature sounds while referencing the golden 'Eski' years of early naughties grime. The results are a unique take on a genre which is clearly close to his heart and end up sounding like what might have been had Wiley decided to veer slightly more to the left during his recent foray in to more conventional dance music. On 'Tarathid' Mumdance brings in Big Dada's Jammer (whom he recently collaborated with on his Jahmanji album) as well as certified grime legend Trim. The beat's syncopated rhythm and sino-melody provide a perfect platform for the two MCs to exchange quick one liners in a tag team performance where Jammer's signature hyperactive flow is the perfect contrast for Trim's laxidasical style. Trim even drops in some falsetto singing on what is one of his most memorable performances to date and has already received support from MistaJam. Mumdance also teams up with the former Roll Deep member on 'Wht Ima Say Nxt' - a slow brewing, prescussive house track over which Trim proclaims 'I am Grime' and has already recieved its Radio 1 premiere from Toddla T. It's a track that in theory probably shouldn't work, but the subtleties of the beat and Trim's confidence in his own flow push the song beyond any pre set boundaries and deliver something that could only have been made at this very moment in time. This is Grime, but not as we know it.