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G Man - The Truth

G Man

The Truth

No Hats No Hoods

Released: 17th December 2012 | 2 track gangsta rap single

G Man is a founding member of the legendary Slew Dem Crew whose members include Tempa T, Chronik and DJ Spooky. He has also collaborated with the likes of the Newham Generals and Dizzee Rascal. 'The Truth' produced by Spooky is the title track from his forthcoming CD with accompanying video, a Trap meets Grime affair this is a great introduction to his effortless and rhythmical flow that Slew Dem fans know him for. 'Lengman Jedi' is a more grimey affair on General Tank's 'Behind the Power ' instrumental which has been a favourite of many a grime DJs over the past month or two. Support has already come from DJ Logan Sama (Kiss) and Cameo (1Xtra)