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Kozzie - The Problem's Started


The Problem's Started

No Hats No Hoods

Released: 27th June 2011 | 12 track gangsta rap album
The most anticipated debut CD from the Grime scene this year is finally here. Having torn up radio sets and raves with his acidic 'Destruction' single late last year, Kozzie returns, determined to provoke more mayhem with his debut album 'The Problem's Started'. Spread over 12 tracks, produced by the likes of Spooky, Mensah, SX, Cotti, Royal-T & Darq E Freaker, 'The Problem's Started' looks set to make Kozzie 2011's hottest Grime MC prospect.

Released on No Hats No Hoods Records , 'The Problem's Started' has emerged from a flurry of Grime activity on the underground. 8 Bar Riddims are back, more ferocious than ever, and Kozzie is demolishing them! The 'Spartan Remix has lit up raves this year and now, having been added to the 1Xtra playlist, is satisfying those that hunger for something a little more unsavoury than the average pop fan. His recent collaboration with Starkey alongside Merky Ace has also won him fans from a wider audience.

Whilst the allure of the mainstream has half of the Grime scene blinkered, Kozzie's willingness to take the top spot is so strong that this album may as well be considered a direct threat. Under the guidance of P Money and Blacks, stalwarts of the UK underground, Kozzie has forged his sound in spite of the pathetic attempts by his peers to go pop.
And so, from the stomping 'Cherryade' to the racy 'Relentless', 'The Problem's Started' is unrelentingly confrontational:

I'm back to take what's mine/
That's why I made this CD/
Half of the Grime scene now move neeky/
Them manna kids - go watch C Beebies/ (Kozzie - I'm Back)

Having said that, 'The Problem's Started' is not a one-dimensional record. 'Wanna Party' describes a cheery, if indulgent, night out for the Blue Borough resident, whilst on 'My Life' Kozzie talks candidly about the darker aspects of his life, reflecting on his earliest years having been thrown out of the family home at 10 years old and left to fend for himself.
These days it's easy to focus on an MC's braggadocio or hype as what sets them apart from the generic crowd pleasers. Kozzie however has made an album that will not only set the pace on the underground for the coming months, but will bolster his credentials as an artist in his own right.

Support for Kozzie has come across the board from DJs such as Mista Jam, Logan Sama, Cameo, Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson, Magic, Reecha, One Man, Mensah, Plastician, Joker, Sinden, Elijah and Skilliam.

Confirmed Reviews:
RWD, Fact Mag, Mix Mag release of the month urban, IDJ, DJ Mag, Mix Mag, Super Super, MTV The Wrap Up, Live Magazine, Sonic Router, XLR8R, JP Blog, Fabric, Introducing, Huffington Post, Metro, Dazed and Confused.
Plus distributions of 1000 A1 Posters & 10,000 Stickers.

Confirmed Radio Appearances:
Logan Sama - Kiss FM, Tim Westwood - Radio 1, Hotsteppa - Choice Fm, Cameo - 1Xtra, Scratcha - Rinse, Vectra - Rinse, Elijah and Skilliam - Rinse, Mistajam - Radio 1.