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Jordan Fields feat. Collette - Why Must I Ask You Why
12" Vinyl
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Jordan Fields feat. Collette

Why Must I Ask You Why

Nice & Smooth

Released: 21st November 2005 | 2 track single
Dozens of releases later on both major and indie labels, Fields has refined a sophisticated, soulful groove that has made him a household name the world over. His 2002 release on Mo? WAX/Beggars Banquet, 'Moments In Dub' was a both commercial and critical success by mashing up deep-house, hip hop and acid-fried funk into the mix. In 2004, Fields contributed to Derrick Carter & Mark Farina's 'Live At Om' mix-cd (OM RECORDINGS) with 'The Session (Move Ya Body remix)', a track composed by Jordan and longtime friend Roy Davis Jr. Fields continues to run his own label Headphoniq, and is currently making the DJ rounds spinning sets of wild and diverse styles from Chicago and NYC Garage House to Disco, Detroit Techno, Electro, Nu Wave, Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Lounge, Brazilian and Dub. Features the exclusive release of the track 'Why Must I Ask You Why?', featuring Chicago superstar COLLETTE on vocals duties on this downtempo/r&b gem. 'Heaven' is a slamming Chicago warehouse groover featuring the uplifting vocals of R-Diva and a growling analog bassline with a mind of it's own.'
"...superior house-up that warm glow you get when you are crazy manic and off your nut"
"Jordan Fields hasn?t just cemented this ideology, he?s honed it down to perfection creating entirely fresh, not to mention exciting, sounds along the way."
"Quality stuff for the deeper floors"