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The Light Surgeons - True Fictions
Vinyl LP
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The Light Surgeons

True Fictions

NLS Records

Released: 22nd September 2014 | 11 track film scores album

True Fictions is a feature length live cinema performance project created by UK audio visual artists The Light Surgeons, commissioned by EMPAC with support from The Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts.

It is a layered fusion of documentary film production, motion graphics, live and electronic music that weaves together a collection of voices from across the state of New York to explore the post 911 psychological landscape through peoples notions of truth and myth.

This collection of peoples stories and opinions are collaged together and accompanied by an original musical score. This musical sound track was generated through a series of recording sessions where a group of New York based musicians responded to each other's improvisations by way of a muscial game of Exquisite Corpse. Each of the resulting multi-track recordings where remixed back in the UK by a group of electronic music producers and formed into the series of musical tracks you can hear on this limited vinyl release.

True Fictions was premiered as a live cinema performance at EMPAC, Troy, New York in September 2007 and has gone on to tour various film and media arts festivals internationally.