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Spatial - The Slammer
12" Vinyl
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The Slammer

Niche 'n' Bump

Released: 10th December 2012 | 3 track garage ep

Spatial calls his music echoes of haunted dancehalls and distant raves. The Slammer glows with radiation from the club of that name in Gravesend, Colin Dale on Kiss, The Four Aces in Dalston, Lost and FWD.

But instead of an echo of the past, The Slammer is a new update containing scrambled patterns and subsonic vibrations.

"With this EP for new London imprint Niche N Bump, it's fair to say that our man has finally cracked the formula. These tracks retain many of the producer's trademarks but bring a newfound ruggedness to the table."
Angus Finlayson, Resident Advisor