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Beneath - Strike a Pose
12" Vinyl
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Strike a Pose

Niche 'n' Bump

Released: 14th June 2013 | 3 track garage ep

Niche N Bump presents three recordings of anti-masonic ritual music.

Strike A Pose records evidence of an organ harvesting programme uncovered through black market sources. Time is shifted by one half phase in a four-on-the-ceiling rhythm. This track is recommended for mixing by skilled DJs.

For their remix of Bellz, Swing Ting separated the master tapes using a magnet attached to a high-impact masonry device. Background tones designed to cause mania have been digitally embedded, masked by a bassline repeating in a mathematically-related progression.

Part of Bellz was synthesised from interference captured on a short wave radio device. The signals, heard as a bell tone when transposed, are believed to originate from NATO's Airborne Early Warning And Control System carried by converted jet airliners.

"All the tunes included are belters – more quality from a producer who’s really on a roll."
Seb Wheeler, Mixmag
"Steely machine funk for the end times, intended for sinew, gristle, and eventually the ears."
Brandon Bussolini, XLR8R
"Straightforward club gear this ain't."
Angus Finlayson, Resident Advisor
"[Included in the 2013 Rewind feature naming the year's best music]"
Rory Gibb and Joe Muggs, The Wire