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Little Barrie - memories well/didn't mean a thing
7" Vinyl
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Little Barrie

memories well/didn't mean a thing


Released: 1st November 2010 | 2 track adult alternative single
As the opening line above of 'Give Me A Microphone' states Little Barrie are a band that produce music with feeling & soul MC9 Music in collaboration with Little Barrie's own label 'Non Delux' are proudly re-releasing the original Little Barrie first three 7' singles as 7' vinyl and digital download. Perfectly encompassing Little Barrie's stripped down soulful, bluesy grooves; these early recordings show the bands promise which has led to them being some of the most respected musicians of their generation. Since these early recordings and combined with the group's fiery live performances Little Barrie have gained a reputation which has meant they have worked with some of the most respected & influential artists of recent times. Doing things for themselves has long been Little Barrie's adage and these early singles show where that all started.