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Patron And Patron - Gen

Patron And Patron


Nonine Recordings

Released: 22nd June 2009 | 11 track broken beat album
frederik van de moortel and me raabenstein met in 2002 and decided to collaborate that very moment. sakuran's work on bass and doublebass, accorded with his brillant ears for apropos effects and sole fluid programming shapes the project's magnificent and distinct timbre. gen is an extremely visual album and a movie of its own, which you the listener must sit down with, close your eyes and follow the ambrosial sounds through their own distinct and exotic habitats. with that, it will truly be a pleasure to see what sort of film plays out in your mind. the exponential barrier breaking experiments of patron and patron couple the resonating wooden ducts of your mind, merging secret juices burrowed away in pools of musical honey, which have sat too long in the grey waiting. the album evokes the listener's most colorful memories and coveted sensations out of any stagnating place with its compelling staccato laughs and its sagaciously crafted tempos, taking you on a bold journey through fantastic places and mesmerizing sound scapes. with a contrast of visual sound arrangements, reminiscent of twisted scenes from an abstract sci-fi film matched with subtle melodies... your ears will permeate with ecstasy there after. clench your teeth around this wise candy, whose taste will never laze in your mouth, as upon each spin of the record, you will find the flavors renewing themselves. with styles hailing from wicked jazzed film scores, a sort of left-field down tempo hip hop, and a large array of genre-free experimental musical styles, patron and patron will conclude as one of those things one hears and then knows is untouchable and undyingly seductive. patron and patron offers more than the usual upgrade to old senses. it abducts and replaces them with a whole new set of intricate, mystifying chromosomes. an album with rhythms not set before, it is creating a whole spectrum of directions for other artists to someday follow. like waves of the sun's hot liquors, it will clear your senses from their daily remedial dues, leaving you in bewildered contemplation.