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Me Raabenstein - Sniper's Delight

Me Raabenstein

Sniper's Delight

Nonine Recordings

Released: 22nd June 2009 | 5 track broken beat ep
sniper's delight is a gradualy unfolding detective story. dubby, mashed with flush broken beats this ep allures you to a bizarre excursion of suspicion, envy and hint. traces are exposed, cryptograms inflicted, there are hidden blueprints underneath the surface of sonance and morphology, something quite altered when viewed from below... radio monitored brisk agents on their hunt (colony of cooperting agents), cruising the nocturnal metropolis outline (esp breaking eggs), sneaking through bleary street public's aroma (two's a crowd), impaired by both splendor and persecution (nectarious necklace) they finally face the gunman... (sniper's delight). follow the lane until all signals are in function, initialising your mind's sudden eureka. me raabenstein melts hardboiled knacks with post-urban pastiche, combines coeval electronica with au courant narration... the rest is history.