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Pepper And Bones - One

Pepper And Bones


Nonine Recordings

Released: 22nd June 2009 | 11 track leftfield/idm album
pepper and bones is the backwash of bartholomäus & raabenstein's long time hidden devotion and secret love affair with folk music. merged with soulful electronica and the pure joy in experimental assignment ,one' is a rightly successful and decadent offense against the world of humdrum popular music... it celebrates the wondrous renaissance of musical crossroads we are now approaching in the 21st century smothered in an evocative anomaly of true poesy other than our usual au courant ponies overdosing on valarium root, masturbating deserted into moss piles. out of the midst of pepper and bone's brilliant collaboration rises the scandalous nocturnal shadows of sexy murder and bittersweet candy. the shattering styles of ,one' squeeze the most succulant juices from music history, to become a bastard child of simon and garfunkel, frank zappa and raymond scott - ranging anywhere from the sheer madness of the macabre vaudeville mew to the unwritten poetry of jim morrison in his slightly more ironic days... ,one' offers us the keys to an altered future in word and sound, illuminating unknown cadences of electro-folk-soul and forging new musical myth's and dramaturgy with eminent craftmanship – a dictionary of ceaseless musical theories, distilled from noumerous beloved primogenitors into a single aced work of pure art. you may say this is anything but new... if you go sleeping with dogs you wake up with flees... well, have a listen here first... things only become alluring and sophisticated when compounded with abiding passion and boundless acumen... to form a fountain of musical youth re-juvinating the great well of music with sweet taste, you will agree.