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Slowcream - And



Nonine Recordings

Released: 9th November 2009 | 5 track neo classical album
... 'and' is an abstract scene; an orchestral art form given life with just the smallest and most subtle clashes of colour and showcasing some ripened objects of beauty. the additions, no matter how delicate, are often bright, and spark a certain power with their presence and individuality. 'and' is perhaps the result of some gracious permission to present the orchestral in an alternative light. jus forrst, igloomag, usa ... 'and' strikes me as being the most successfully-realized slowcream collection to date, with its five parts functioning as connecting movements within a grand orchestral scheme devised by me raabenstein... in short, 'and' doesn't compromise in its embrace of a classical style and is all the better for it. ron schepper, textura, canada ... musica di classe e ricca di gusto e nonostante tutto molto melodica, cosa che non guasta per nulla, anzi. andrea ferraris, sands-zine, italy ...