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Si Begg - Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 2

Si Begg

Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 2

Noodles Recordings

Released: 1st June 2007 | 5 track beats & breaks ep
This is the second single taken from Si Beggs forthcoming LP Jetlag and Tinnitus. It follows on from the critically acclaimed first single Part 1 and two digital only remix packages. This fresh slice of Beggness features the usual, unusual mix of jacking techno, flithy rolling breaks, hip house rapping, heavywieght digital hip-hop and glitchy electro-breaks. Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 2 has already received a broad base of support, including Tayo and Mary Anne Hobbs, who both played Hard Like Funk on Radio One to the likes of Luke Vibert who described the Motor City Dub as meaty as fuck.