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Nomad Soul - Forever

Nomad Soul



Released: 23rd June 2014 | 3 track jazz rock ep

'Forever' - made up of horns, a warm bass line, shy-guitar, mellow piano and a Jazz inspired drum shuffle - is written with the intention to create space to breath within the complex nature of the track itself. Lucinda of the up & coming Ambient Pop band Holy Milk compliments the collective's instrumental with intimate vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Next up is 'Into the Ocean' - an instrumental narrative inspired by the many characters and emotions of the sea. The track has a warm trip-hop feel to it and is accompanied by a distant electric guitar, saxophones and bass line - and diving into the second half of the track cascades into an explosive sound of hard hitting horns and a heavy Afro-Beat bass line

The final track off the EP is ''Murmuration''. This track needs little presentation. A soft piano introduction leads into an eruption of Nomads own takes on modern Jazz.