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Hazards of Prophecy

Syreeta / Boutique

Night Sweats Music

Released: 29th April 2016 | 2 track soul single

After a three year hiatus Night Sweats Music return with the debut single from Hazards of Prophecy. The two-track offering Syreeta/Boutique provides a glimpse into the previously unexplored low-slung sounds of UK producer Dave Rendle.

The mind behind System Status and The Detroit Urban Gardening Ensemble, Dave's music on Untracked, Out Here Audio, Horn Wax and Stupid Human has caught the attention of global tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher, Ashley Beedle, Alex Nut and Ross Allen as well as receiving the remix treatment from Inkswel.

Dialling down the tempo for Syreeta/Boutique and building on a warm foundation of some old dusty soul breaks and disco vocals - Dave layers up the Hazards of Prophecy sound by adding live bass, luscious pads and squelchy leads while effortlessly moving from dark to light textures, always swinging a groove that's just off the grid.

Dave's love of cult cinema sees him pay tribute to director Alejandro Jodorowsky and his seminal 1973 Mexican-American surrealist fantasy 'The Holy Mountain'. The mind bending visuals juxtaposed with the louche soundscape open up both artists work for fresh interpretation.

Written, Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Dave Rendle.