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The Unheard - Untold Stories In Music
12" Vinyl
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The Unheard

Untold Stories In Music

Unicycle Nutfish Productions

Released: 11th October 2010 | 9 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Second 12' release on the Unheards Unicycle Nutfish label, This one's a nine tracker. Kicking off with 'Dreamcatcher' and 'Slow Motion' ,a couple of warm baby nuggets, though very different from each other. Track 3 'Piece of mind' is a dreamy and relaxing, soulfull and delayed out piano'ey type groove over a tidy rimshot break, nice. Track 4 'The Contraption' is more of a mid tempo bassline and breakbeat driven number thats kind of on the daft tip. Track 5 'Cameo Groove' is a 95 bpm funkin' epic cut & paste excursion and at 7m 41s is the longest track. Flippin over, Track 6 'Flying spaghetti monster' is the second cut & paste on more of a random tip, takes you from 90bpm to 120bpm in 6 minutes, but how it gets there is kind of interesting. Next up Track 7 'Guidance' a 4 minute upbeat Mr scruff storyboard type number that kind of tells it's own story.. Track 8, 'Gimmie some sunshine' is a bright and upbeat, energetic and sunny groove that reflects in it's title, And finally Track 9 'Titanium duck foot' an uptempo bassy breakbeat number with dancefloor potential, that eventually breaks into a stringy cresendo, and then melts away. Overall quite an eclectic mix of styles, enjoy.