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The Unheard - Untold Stories In Music Part 3
12" Vinyl
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The Unheard

Untold Stories In Music Part 3

Unicycle Nutfish Productions

Released: 6th August 2012 | 8 track unusual ep

Part three to The Unheard's Untold stories in music is here, and it's another 8 tracker!

Side A - Track 1-'Abstract hero' and Track 2-'frozen explotion' are both Beatstrumental hip hop nuggets

A3 - 'Fish Go Deep' Goes all late night philosophy beats.

A4 - 'Bubble' with Mr Chein on fender Rhodes makes excellent lounge material, Very mellow.

A5- 'Follow me' is a staight up, up beat beatstrumental.

A6 - 'Donbleblatt' is the Main cut & paste, all over the place!

Which just leaves the B -Side :

B1 'Stealth Sonic Soul' is the uplifting number with a mish-moshed philosophy to it.

B2 'Toy' is the Unheard's first ever House track, quite deep and intricate..

200 copies only, Enjoy.