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Midnight Lab Band - Laser Tag/Don's Demo
7" Vinyl
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Midnight Lab Band

Laser Tag/Don's Demo

Names You Can Trust

Released: 9th May 2011 | 2 track nu-disco single
Proving they can't be pigeon holed into any one particular niche, Midnight Lab Band returns with a 7-inch release inspired by 80's drum machines and provocative synthesized chops. Laser Tag is a high powered infusion of dark disco soundscapes, a thumping yet nostalgic vision of dance music through the lens of MLB. On Don's Demo, the Lab dives into the family archives to resurrect and refashion an obscure yet timely recording from Don Stark. Channeling earlier eras of mid-tempo mustache soul and one-man synthesized ensembles, this a slow boogie burner to ride to.