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Superstructure - Out at the Deep End
7" Vinyl


Out at the Deep End

Names You Can Trust

Released: 18th August 2014 | 2 track electro-funk single

If we called Superstructure a sonic mad scientist it would be correct, but would ignore the actual, real-life mad scientist aspects of this electron microscope-owning uber-producer, otherwise known as Todd Osborn. Todd fixes and flies planes, has fabricated a video game kiosk out of hospital equipment and recently finished building a hovercraft. Recording for Rephlex as Soundmurderer, he concocted some of the most mind-bendingly tough Jungle tunes of the era. His homebase on the outskirts of Detroit means his House and Techno bonafides are also in order (check his stuff on Ghostly International for proof). But getting too caught up in the mystery of the man is to overlook the two immaculate electronic boogie gems on his new 7-inch for Names You Can Trust. Sounding like the cosmic dub of a lost D-Train hit, Out At The Deep End has already been featured by Benji B on BBC Radio and sparked a collector's frenzy on limited pre-release. The futuristic '80s classic vibe continues on the B-side with Into The Rest, a beautifully multilayered slow burner.