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Nelda Pina y La Boa - Giumbele (feat. Nidia Gongora)
7" Vinyl
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Nelda Pina y La Boa

Giumbele (feat. Nidia Gongora)

Names You Can Trust

Released: 2nd September 2016 | 2 track tropicalia single

Massive 11-piece Latin American Afrobeat combo Nelda Piña y La Boa have been exploring the vast rhythms of West African music and its many branches within their home base country of Colombia for the last 3 years. Influenced by the contrasting sounds and traditions of Colombia's disparate Atlantic & Pacific coast cultures, they bring a unique twist to the familiar Afrobeat lineup that is accentuated by their cantadora Nelda Piña, a singer from the Bolivar region who was born in the 1940s. Once again, Colombia and its deep reservoir of modern and traditional musicians prove the awesome alchemy of melding the sounds and aesthetics of old and young generations.

This special release on the Names You Can Trust label takes that concept one step further as the single track on hand, Giumbele, sees Nelda hand off the lead vocals to Cali-native Nidia Gongora, a renowned singer in the worldwide Tropical music community whose hypnotic voice has already been heard on numerous records in collaboration with producer Quantic. Led by the glide of Nidia's lush lead, the result of this tune is a mid-tempo stunner that combines the airy timbres of the marimba de chonta with the powerful backdrop of the mighty brass section. In true NYCT fashion, the exclusive B-Side Instrumental mix proves a useful and unique rendition of the tune that goes deeper into a slow-motion, dark Cosmic Tropical motif, perfect for the selectors and the late-night dancers alike.