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Various Artists - Names You Can Trust, Vol. 1
CD Album
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Various Artists

Names You Can Trust, Vol. 1

Names You Can Trust

Released: 4th June 2012 | 20 track beats & breaks album

After a barrage of highly touted limited press vinyl releases aimed at DJs and dance floors alike, Names You Can Trust presents its first full-length label compilation. Spanning record releases from 2007-2012, as well as a handful of exclusive, unreleased material, this 20-track album represents a fine retrospective or introduction to the Names You Can Trust sound. Whether it's the heavy hitting Latin break beat numbers courtesy of Brooklyn's Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, the mind-bending Cumbia from Bogota's Frente Cumbiero or the genre-pushing blends of Midnight Lab Band, this included selection of original tracks and remixes all embrace a global blend of musical roots and modern production.

"This is some red HOT mofongo!"
Griff, Jelly Jazz
"This is the hotness right now and I is loving it. That's right. H.O.T.N.E.S.S."
Martin Brew, Fat City
"Dope as per usual!!"
DJ Gilla, First Word
Jeremy Sole, KCRW
"Muy Rico!! Diggin it big time. Caliennnnnnnnnteeee!!!!"
Borja, Lovemonk
"Sounds like we're lost between Eastern Europe, Africa & South America. Amazing stuff ! Its hybridity makes it the perfect tool to fit in with almost anything."
Greg de Villanova, Diaspora Records
"All Killer. No Filler."
Djouls, Paris DJs
"If you like break-beat-based music with Latin flavor, and you know I do, you're gonna love this shit."
Juan Data, The Hard Data
"The GRC 7-inches have been exceptionally strong...especially caliente fuego."
O-Dub, Soul-Sides